Geotechnical Services

Florida Engineering provides a full range of geotechnical services for varying clientele. We own and operate our own drilling equipment and support vehicles. Florida Engineering specializes in fast, friendly and efficient service with quick turnaround time for performing your subsoil investigations (soil borings) and monitoring well installations.

Soil borings determine the type of soils, their relative locations, and whether or not the materials present can safely support the proposed structure. Florida Engineering provides foundation recommendations and geotechnical analysis for support of all types of structures ranging from townhouses, additions, roadways, swimming pools, privacy walls, and gazebos. Architects, builders, and general contractors utilize these foundation recommendations for their structural designs of the proposed structure.

Florida Engineering can also perform exfiltration tests to determine the site soil drainage characteristics and determine hydraulic conductivity, which are (K) values, which are useful in the sizing of drainage areas. We also can provide pavement designs for your projects and work with your onsite engineer’s to reduce costs.


  • Auger Borings
  • Standard Penetration Tests Borings
  • Dynamic Cone Penetration Borings
  • Soil Classifications
  • Organic Contents
  • Sieve/ Grain Size Analysis
  • Hydraulic Conductivity (Exfiltration Tests)
  • Monitoring Wells
  • Foundation Recommendations
  • Pavement Designs
  • Density Compaction Tests
  • Moisture Contents
  • Limerock Bearing Ratios
  • Florida Bearing Values (FBV)